Monday, April 6, 2009

Crazy Week!!!

This week has been insane!!! The kids were on spring break ( not fun for me ). It rained 90% of the time which stunk but of course the last 2 days have been gorgeous out. I have pics from yesterday on my myspace page but will upload them here later on. I was booked with clients all week so I didnt even put a dent in my last thing of reading for my real estate courses . Hopefully I can complete it in the next couple days. I did spring cleaning in between clients. I got rid of alot of extra clothes these kids had. I am not taking a bunch of useless stuff to Oklahoma when we move. This next week is going to prove to be another trying week for me. I have clients everyday but friday , me and my friend anne are going to try to shop for business clothes. I need help picking stuff out lol. I have to complete 550 pages of reading so I can take the final exam on my courses and then schedule my actual exam. I am so ready for the summer , my mom and dad are taking the 3 older kids to Illinois in June. I am already buying for Tylers birthday which is in June.

Yesterday we went out and about on a gorgeous afternoon. We bought Eden and Brenna new carseats. They both now have pink ones ( one of the joys of haviing girls lol ) Brenna got a booster seat yay and Eden weighs enough to be in a forward facing convertible seat. So now all the kids have carseats that will last a long time. Next step is to pay off my van to buy a new suv that will seat 8.

Well thats about it for now.

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