Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fred is now home!!!!

Ok so its been about a week since he came home. Some of you know he is home some dont. He is inprocessing this week and next. He is adjusting pretty well to being back home. The kids are loving having him here. We didnt tell them he was coming home so it was a huge surprise for them when he walked in the door. He got home last wed then on Saturday he caught a nasty stomach bug from the kids. Welcome home daddy lol. Anyways hes doing great and so are we. I will update later on whats going on with him getting out as soon as we know anything.

Love you all

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting family pics done!!!

Here is a sneak peak!!!!








I will be emailing the photos once I get the cd to everyone !!!

Hope you enjoy

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My project this week!!!!

I am so excited about this. Me and Fred were going to buy a new bedroom set but I have decided our furniture is functional just ugly , so to save money I am painting all of my bedroom furniture. So far I have gotten my night stand and bed done tomorrow I am working on my 2 dressers. I will add pics to this blog when I am done.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Crazy Week!!!

This week has been insane!!! The kids were on spring break ( not fun for me ). It rained 90% of the time which stunk but of course the last 2 days have been gorgeous out. I have pics from yesterday on my myspace page but will upload them here later on. I was booked with clients all week so I didnt even put a dent in my last thing of reading for my real estate courses . Hopefully I can complete it in the next couple days. I did spring cleaning in between clients. I got rid of alot of extra clothes these kids had. I am not taking a bunch of useless stuff to Oklahoma when we move. This next week is going to prove to be another trying week for me. I have clients everyday but friday , me and my friend anne are going to try to shop for business clothes. I need help picking stuff out lol. I have to complete 550 pages of reading so I can take the final exam on my courses and then schedule my actual exam. I am so ready for the summer , my mom and dad are taking the 3 older kids to Illinois in June. I am already buying for Tylers birthday which is in June.

Yesterday we went out and about on a gorgeous afternoon. We bought Eden and Brenna new carseats. They both now have pink ones ( one of the joys of haviing girls lol ) Brenna got a booster seat yay and Eden weighs enough to be in a forward facing convertible seat. So now all the kids have carseats that will last a long time. Next step is to pay off my van to buy a new suv that will seat 8.

Well thats about it for now.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Eden is a big girl now!!!

Ok so Eden is 14 months old and a joy to have. She is on a sippy cup full time now yay!! She is talking constantly and learning new words everyday. Well this week we have made a huge leap to big girl hood. She is now sleeping in a twin bed yay!!! Here are some pictures of her in her bed.



Shes just growing up so fast!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Deleted The Last Real Estate Post!!!

I had my 3rd interview today and I changed my mind on which company I am working with. After reviewing all of the pros and cons to each company I have finally reached my decision. It was an extremely hard one since all 3 are great companies but they all offer different perks and down falls. I decided on John L. Scott. It will produce more leads and the fees are pretty low. They also do all the marketing for each house which is something the others didnt do. They provide my business cards, website, and signs all in the monthly fee costs. They are doing great with this economy and have several leads walk in everyday. It is also a small office 4 agents in the office and one broker. I would get an actual office for free , the others didnt offer this. They do training also. So I am excited and cant wait to start my new career!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Hi Everyone,

So my cousin Heather suggested I start a blog here so here goes. I will update on our family every week or so if something interesting happens lol ( it rarely does ). So keep checking maybe youll read something fun once in a while. This blog will be for all our family and friends. I guess it will more for updating since I use my myspace one for griping hehe.